The History of Mana

Mana first started of as LexBot, which was just a user on a bouncer (YourBNC) making the occasional message regarding pushes to GitHub repositories.

After the demise of YourBNC, LexBot disappeared and hasn't made announcements of pushes to GitHub since.

Then in early 2016, I started TheStig to log some IRC channels, however it soon had function in it's bridge module made at the time for the #paper channel.

However because it had a half-finished logging system in place alongside some rather rushed code, I was quick to stop developing it.

Atleast until I heard kashike was rewriting the Korobi bot, I thought it was about time I rewrote TheStig - so I did.

Shortly after I started rewriting it I decided it was time to give it a new name, so rather than going to my usual inspiration (flowers, fruits, etc) I decided to go with the same inspiration as Korobi: the name of a character from one of my favourite animes. Problem was - I'd only watched one, but on the bright side it was a good one! So there I had it I need a character from Yu-Gi-Oh. It was shortly after I picked the name Mana.

Less than a month later I decided to split the Mana bot into two parts (and also start fresh): Carbon and Mana. Carbon would be open-source and be the framework powering Mana, which would be the modules.